An Update

Anyone who blogs as a hobby will understand that it’s hard to fit it around all the other things that come with a normal person’s life. Work (especially starting new jobs!), moves, keeping active, maintaing relationships–it’s hard to fit it all in.

We’ve been working on Bits and Bites for almost a year now, which is kind of hard to believe, and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it! We’re pretty proud of ourselves for keeping it up even over a three-hour distance between us, fitting in our cooking sessions on our weekends together.

With my move to Burlington, though, we’ve definitely tapered off our posting–noticeably. A big part of that is just wanting to enjoy our days together! After a year of being long distance, it’s pretty fun to be living together, and exploring Vermont and having fun together has been our focus. The other side of it, one that we’ve talked about a little bit recently, is that recipe creation really isn’t either of our passions. We love cooking, and still do a lot of it, but most of what we make is either someone else’s recipe or just not blog-worthy in terms of creativity (but always in taste, of course!).

So we’re reevaluating, and taking a hiatus. We haven’t decided where we’ll take Bits and Bites from here, or if we’ll continue with it at all. But this won’t be the last you’ll see of us online, we can promise you that.

So stay tuned, and thanks for being such a great audience–we appreciate each and every one of our readers!


Superfood Soup


Hi friends! It’s been a while. We’ve been bad about posting. We’re working to be better!

To make up for our recent sporadic posting, we’re giving you one of our all-time favorite recipes today. In honor of fall officially starting and cold weather setting in, at least here in Vermont, we bring to you a wholesome and healthy soup that will keep you satisfied and warm all fall (and winter and spring, too). This soup is chock-full of some seriously good (and good-for-you) ingredients like kale, black beans, quinoa, and sweet potato to help fight off changing-of-the-seasons sickness and to keep your tummy happy.

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Summer Farmer’s Market Salad and Spiced Chicken


Over the weekend, we made a visit to the farmer’s market and, as usual, loaded up a big bag with fresh, local veggies. We try to let the produce available at the market inspire us–we typically wander around making mental inventory of what’s there (and what looks good!) and come up with a loose meal plan as we go. We knew we wanted to make something light and summery, and so Alex came up with the idea for the salad below. To round out the meal, we bought some locally-raised chicken to serve on the side.

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